Laundry & Dry cleaning Space: Poised to Skyrocket

In the dynamic landscape of recession-proof opportunities, a proven business model awaits. With a growing industry, a booming population, rapid urbanization, and a lifestyle that’s always on the go, the demand for convenient laundry services is skyrocketing.

Seize the moment! The Indian laundry services market is already worth over Rs 20,000 crores, and the growth forecast is set at a thrilling CAGR of 7.5% over the next five years. Join the journey of success in a thriving industry. The time to elevate your prospects is now!

Time and convenienceWash by self/maid, then sun dry and high-heat suppressed ironingCall or Schedule Pickup, followed by washing, air pressure drying, and steam ironing, and receive at your doorstep
DetergentNormal acidic detergents; one size fits all approach doesn’t suit different garment sizesOrganic and eco-friendly detergents tailored for different garment types
IroningElectric/Coal ironing results in color fading, softening degradation, burnt stitches hence lower fabric lifespanSteam ironing prevents all the adverse effects and hence longer fabric lifespan
ElectricityHigher electricity bills due to the operation of washing machines and ironsWe cover electricity costs
Clothing QualityLower fabric lifespan Longer fabric lifespan
Water ConsumptionMore water consumption leads to higher water billsControlled pressure helps reduce water usage up to 40%
CostVariable bills like electricity and water, to be specificVarious Packages as per laundry and home cleaning needs

Syed Naved Husain


Step into the future of laundry and dry cleaning with Rocket – where cleanliness meets innovation. We invite you to be part of our dynamic family and leverage the potential of a thriving industry. Join us in satisfying the growing demand for convenient and high-quality garment care services.

Proudly affiliated with IFI (International Fabricare Institute) in Maryland, US, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. Our commitment involves using environmentally conscious cleaning solutions and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring we minimize our impact on the planet. With Rocket, it’s not just about clean clothes; it’s about smart and sustainable business growth.

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